Brand New UK Night w/ The Computers

+ Romano Nervoso


Exeter’s finest, THE COMPUTERS release their third album ‘Birth /Death’ on 30th September 2016 on One Little Indian. The band will also be touring the UK in October and November (proceeded with a couple of shows with Madness in Scotland in August). Recorded in Devon (on the edge of a cliff!) this year and produced by David McEwan (Plan B, Nitin Sawhney). The album includes the tracks ‘Want The News? Here’s The Blues’ and ‘This Ain’t Right’ alongside 9 other hardcore pop/punk/blues anthems which will enthrall and excite disciples old and new.

Let the band explain…

As the nights will soon be longer and the leaves fall onto the street
And the winds and rain of winter blow away the summer heat
We will hit the road hoping to change lives forever
With a brand new album for you all to endeavour
So do not fear and do not frown
For The Computers will be performing in your townWe have a new album, we set to change existence
Fully embrace our brand new sound, there’s no need for resistance
We’ve taken our time to re-sculpt our vibe
We are the new leaders of the floral tribe
It will enhance your life, of this we are sure
We gave it everything plus a little bit more
From the cradle to the grave upon your very last breath
Live every minute from birth to death



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