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Lost Love is an alternative indie punk band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
www.facebook.com/lostlovemtl/ www.lostlove.bandcamp.com/
Lost Love is a bunch of friends with big stupid dreams in their heads… always ready to get on the road again forever.
Started to play together in the 2013, they released their first EP for Fireworks Collective and then toured the US East Coast/Midwest in the summer. In the winter of 2014, they recorded their first full length (Sparkles), released by Pouzza Records in Canada and Ocelot Records in the US. In 2015 they recorded their second full length that should be released the next spring.

Water Mane is an Indie Punk Rawk from Montpellier, France.
Formed at the end of the year 2011, Water Mane is a mix of Punk Rock melodies cooked in the sauce of Gainesville (cradle of the label No Idea Records) and hoarse voices which are going to remind influences such as Iron Chic, Dillinger Four, Latterman or Hot Water Music. This cocktail comes from the meeting of members of varied formations: BAISE BALL (Old School Punk), PRETTY JOHNNY (Punk’N’Roll) and WAKE THE DEAD (Hardcore). After two EPs, one LP and four years spent to cross France and Western Europe the four boys from Montpellier (south of France) make it again with their new EP “Flaws First”!

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